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Indonesia is at the crossroads between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its territorial waters extending 12 nautical miles. Its maritime economic zone extending 200 nautical miles. Its 17 508 islands make it the biggest archipelago in the world. The landscape varies from island to island, high mountains and plateau, littoral lowlands and alluvial plains.

Area: 7,900,000 km ²

Population: 241.9 million habitants.

Capital: Jakarta. (Java)

Climate: The climate is tropical, hot and humid. It is more temperate in the highlands. Temperature variations are little important. The dry season is influenced by the Australian continental air masses, from May to October and the rainy season, which results from air masses of Asian and the Pacific Ocean, from November to April.

Religion: Religions also exercised a great effect on Indonesian culture. However, one of the biggest Muslim country in the world,  Indonesia has always influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism included in his daily life. The Pancasila (National Ideology) officially recognizes four religions (agama): Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Indonesia is 87% Muslim, 6% Protestant, 3% Roman Catholic, 2% Hindu, 1% Buddhist and 1% various cults.

Languages: Bahasa Indonesian of Malaysia origin is the official language which coexists with many dialects. English remains the main language of the whole country.

Currency: The national currency is the rupee Indonesian or rupiah (Rps)

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agence de voyage vietnam, agence voyage vietnam, agence de voyage au vietnam