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Vietnam is a narrow strip of land whose form calls the letter S. Located in the center of Southeast Asia, bordering the eastern Indochinese peninsula, it shares borders with China in the north, Laos and Cambodiato the west. It opens with the East Sea in the east and Pacific in the South. The coast stretches for 3,260 km and the land borders of 4,510 km. As the crow flies, the distance from the north to the south is 1,650 km. The maximum width reaches 600 km in the north, and 400 km in the south, while the minimum width is only 50 km in the Centre in the area of ​​Quang Binh.               

Area: 331 211.6 km ²

Population: 86, 16 million people

Capital: Hanoi

Climate: Vietnam lies in a region of tropical and subtropical climate, subjected to monsoons. There are 02 distinct seasons in general: the cool and dry season from November to April and the warmer, wet from May to October. The average temperature varies from 22 º C to 27 º C. However, the weather differs from the north to the south, the land to the mountains.

Religion: The common belief of Vietnamese is the cult of ancestors. Besides the popular belief, there are some major religions in Vietnam: Buddhism whose practitioners of Buddhism and those who are affected represent approximately 70% of the population), Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Caodaism, Hoa Hao Buddhist Sect...

Languages: The official language is Vietnamese. Other languages ​​such as English, French, and Russian are the most popular languages ​​in the big cities. .

Costume: The two characteristic objects of female costume in Vietnam are the tunic (Ao Dai) and the conical hat of palm leaf (Non La).

Nationalities: The Vietnamese people was formed through the process of anthropological interference and two ancient cultures of Asia: Chinese and Indian cultures while creating its own identity. Anthropologically, the Vietnamese belongs to the race of the Southern Mongolian. Now, 54 ethnic groups live together in the territory. The Kinh (the Viet) represent 90% of the total population

Currency: The dong of the Vietnam National Bank circulates throughout the country.

Credit cards (American Card, Credit Card, JCB Card ...) can allow to change dongs. The cards can be used in travel agencies, hotels and big restaurants.

The U.S. dollar can be changed in Vietnamese dong or at the bank, the counters of hotels and big jewelries shops.

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