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Period of travel

The best season to discover Myanmar is the "cool" season, which extends from November to March.


All travelers in Asia, whatever the duration and circumstances of their stay, must be protected against hepatitis A. Vaccination against typhoid fever is also recommended as an update of vaccines against the polio, tetanus and diphtheria.

Consumption of tap water is not disadvised.


Comfortable clothes in cotton are recommended and not too tight. The underwear and nylon are not recommended for any trip in the tropical zone, included Myanmar. A sweater and socks will probably be useful for you above 1000 meters: Kalaw, Inle Kyaingtong, Kyaiktiyo ... from November to late February. A sweater is indispensable in the morning on the ferry from Mandalay to Bagan and possibly welcome in the return flight.

Payment Methods

There are no ATMs and bank credit cards are accepted only a limited number by places (major hotels). You must have a sufficient amount of money in cash in USD (preferably recent bills and sufficiently small cuts). The former obligation to exchange $ 200 in FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificates) upon his arrival was repealed.

Customs and traditions

Buddhism is the majority religion. Respect local customs, avoid shorts and outfits too light in places of worship and follow the guideline recommendations

Costs / medical care infrastructure

The medical infrastructure in Burma is very limited. It is advisable to go to Thailand for medical treatment.


It is forbidden to photograph military infrastructure and people in uniform.


Now, anyone currently visiting Myanmar is imperative to bring before his arrival dollars in tickets in good condition, without spot or tear to settle all of its spending.

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