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Laos is the only country on the Indochina Peninsula does not have access to the sea, 2/3 of the country is covered by forests, 80% of its surface is divided into highland and mountains. Laos is known as the "kingdom of the million elephants" because of the large number of elephants which lived previously on the territory. The "country of the million elephants" has always been an isolated territory, despite its position at the heart of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia and at the crossroads of great cultures of the region. This isolation allowed a large number of ethnic minorities to keep up nowadays the original traditions.

Area: 236 800 km ²

Population: 5.8 million inhabitants.

Capital: Vientiane          

Climate: Laos is subject to the monsoon climate, with alternation of rainy season and a dry season. The monsoon, which takes place between May and July, extends until November. Temperatures vary from day 25 to 30 ° C. The dry season - from November to May - is the most pleasant to travel. It is characterized by relatively low temperatures until mid-February (minimum 15 ° C), which raises up regularly from March to May

Religion: The official religion is Theravada Buddhism. The mountain people are generally animists, but sometimes also practice Buddhism. Buddhists are the most numerous (57.8%), in front of the followers of traditional religions (33.6%). Christianity (1.8%) and Islam (1%) have few followers.

 Languages: The official language is Lao PDR Lao as spoken in Vientiane, very close to the Thai language. It is a tonal language (6 different colors).

Currency: The currency of Laos is the "Kip".      

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