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Period of travel

The best season to visit Indonesia is the dry season from May to October. Bali is the favorite Asian destination of Australians, from Christmas until the end of January as well as all the small school holidays, that July and August are the favorite months of all the European tourists, and the Indonesians invade tourist centers, hotels and transport at the time of Ramadan, at the Christmas and mid-June to mid-July. May, June and September so you can explore the country in the best conditions.


Indonesia is a tropical country badly informed hygiene and medicine, elementary precautions are necessary to avoid the gastric and intestinal problems. The country knows a resurgence of dengue, a disease carried by mosquitoes, like malaria, also in Indonesia. Attention also on hepatitis, worms and snakebite.


The atmosphere on board is informal. Light cotton clothes are useful in Indonesia. When you are on ground, we always recommend to wear for both men and women, modest clothes and wide - no transparent garment, to cover the shoulders, door skirts, dresses and shorts to the knee. It is also a good idea to bring a pair of sneakers or hiking light and comfortable.


Indonesian currency is the Rupiah. You can change the EUR and USD. If you take USD, take tickets of 100 because the tickets of 50-20-10-5-1 are changed at a lower rate. There is no problem for tickets of EUR. Most of credit cards are accepted in major cities, while in smaller towns it may be rare to be able to pay by credit card. It is possible to take out money at ATMs - "ATM" - which accept foreign cards in most cities. We take you off the beaten track so we suggest you bring liquid on board.

Banks are open from 8am to 14h from Monday to Friday and some are open from 8am to 12pm on Saturday.


220 Volts. Taken flat index card, provide accordingly a universal adapter.

Telephone and post

Dialing code 62. Outgoing international calls. +00. Post office open every day from 8h to 16h except Sunday. Rest post in all post offices.

Useful addresses

Police: Police (headquarters) in Jakarta (62) (21) 523 43 33, police quatier Menteng (near the embassy) (62) (21) 2 14 13 10, police in Bali: 911


It is very rich in Indonesia. Stores objects, clothes and furniture "exotic" of all cultures reflect the cultural diversity of the country. The most popular products are batiks, baskets, sculptures, jewelry.


Tip is not a common practice, except in cases of particular service. In Jakarta, taxi drivers expect to receive, as well as hotel porters.

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agence de voyage vietnam, agence voyage vietnam, agence de voyage au vietnam